Welcome to felinearts an indie game studio. We are working every day to bring fun games to you. Here is a compilation of some works made by feline arts, currently a team of 3 developers.


With various projects where feline arts has been involved in Art, we also have our own games developed fully in house

Phoenix run and phoenix run xmas were the first two development on the studio, and even when we are currently working in dragon maze we still have lots of fun ideas for you!.

Phoenix Run
Platforms: Android - iOS, released in October 2012.


Phoenix Run Xmas
Platforms: Android, released in December 2012.


Currently Developing - Dec. 2012

Here you can find the latest projects we are working on, for more information about the current game in development you can check feline art's blog for detailed news about every project.

Target platforms are OUYA and Steam. In Dragon Maze you play as a dragon who got his treasure stolen by the evil Claw Gang, your goal is to recover all that was stolen from you through several mazes and worlds, each world with his unique setting and mechanics. Unlock secret levels and powers and defeat the Claw Gang.

Other Projects

Feline arts has also been involved in another projects wich are now live in appstores, here is a list of the games and apps where feline arts has also been involved.


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if you want to submit a bug we do only support the games made by the studio, please be descriptive. thank you!


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