Suki & the Shadow Klaw



In Suki & the Shadow Klaw you play as Suki, a little dragon in an adventure against the fearsome Klaw Gang, a band of evil wolves led by Varg, who’s only goal is to become the most powerful creature in the world and control every living being.

You may think that Suki & the Shadow Klaw is a simple game but don’t be fooled by the cute and beautiful graphics, you will be able to select the game difficulty, bringing fun and challenge to both new and nostalgic players.


  • Old school controller action. Timing and precision is required.
  • Upgrade your skills through the game.
  • Beautiful old school inspired environments.
  • Different worlds to explore, each one with unique visuals and mechanics.
  • Difficulty modes for experienced and new players.


This gallery contains images from both, Beta and Alpha stage of the development.


Target Platforms

Suki & the Shadow Klaw is in development for PC (through steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One, (wish me luck for the “last” platform!!). We will launch to all platforms at once, with no plans to do a 2nd launch. The release date will be determined somewhere around August 2016.



Suki & the Shadow Klaw has been showcased in some events through its development cycle. We get feedback from the players and continue upgrading our game. Here is the list of where Suki & the Shadow Klaw has been shown.


Comictlan – Guadalajara – Oct 2014
IndieBox a-thon – Online Stream – Nov 2014
GDC Play – San Francisco – March 2015
Unity 5 RoardShow – Guadalajara – June 2015
Campus Party MX – Guadalajara – July 2015
Unite Made With Unity showcase– Boston – Sept 2015
IndieCade @Sidefx booth – Los Angeles – Oct 2015
GDC 2016 @Sidefx booth – San Francisco – March 2016
Unity developer day – Ciudad de Mexico – June 2016

Current Dev. State

For detailed news about the current development state you can visit our dev blog on this site, follow one of the social media sited or sign up to this mailing list.

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The team

Lune – Lead developer.
Andrew Wrangell – Composer.
Ivan Aldaz – UI / 2D artist.